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User panel
  • Mass orders
    Lets set up mass orders for bulk delivery to save time.
  • User API
    Allows other panels to use your panel as a provider.
  • Multi-language
    Helps understand your panel users in various languages.
  • RTL support
    Right-to-left support for languages like Arabic, Hebrew, etc.
  • Mobile-friendly
    Panels can be easily accessed and used on mobile devices.
  • 17 themes
    We offer 17 user-friendly themes that can be modified anytime.
  • Order history
    Users can keep track of all their orders in one place.
  • Deposit history
    Shows users information on adding funds to their accounts.
  • Password reset
    Lets users restore forgotten passwords.
  • Time zone setup
    Allows to change time zone settings on your panel.
  • User notifications
    Communicate important information to panel users.
  • Ticket system
    Users can communicate with panel admins via support tickets.
  • Various types
    The platform helps panel admins sell a great variety of services.
  • Service descriptions
    Help users quickly get familiar with all services.
  • Service categories
    Create categories to keep all services neatly organized.
  • Subscriptions
    A powerful add-on to manage auto likes, auto views, etc.
  • Refill
    An order refill can be performed by a provider or manually, paid refills are also available.
  • Import from providers
    Quickly import services from providers that use the platform.
  • Sync with providers
    Sync rates, min & max limits, statuses with providers that use our platform.
  • Drip-feed
    Help your customers build social media engagement at the desired speed.
  • Average time
    The average order processing time is calculated based on the order history.
  • Overflow
    Helps complete customer orders despite a certain amount of unsubscribers.
  • Increment
    Lets users order the quantity of items that is a multiple of the set value.
  • Deny duplicates
    Prohibits users from placing multiple orders that contain the same link.
  • Bulk actions
    Certain actions regarding user, order, ticket, service and subscription management can be performed in bulk.
  • Cancel services
    Easily cancel services you don't plan to offer anymore.
  • Start count parsing*
    Determines the initial quantity of items before the service is ordered to see how many more of them remain to add. *Paid feature.
  • Auto complete*
    The system periodically checks the current count of items and automatically changes the order status when it's complete. *Paid feature.
Accept payments
  • 80+ payment methods
    The platform has 80+ payment methods integrated to suit our clients' needs.
  • Currency conversion
    We offer payment options that are available for conversion from other currencies.
  • Min & max payment amount
    Set the min & max payment amounts for each method selected for your panel.
  • Payment bonuses
    Reward customers for using certain payment methods to add funds.
  • Manage payments
    You can add payments manually and cut balances.
  • Export payments
    Easily export payment data in XML, CSV, JSON formats and customize columns.
Order processing
  • Unlimited providers
    You can connect as many providers as you want, we don't charge extra for that.
  • Provider balance check*
    Check all your providers' balances in one place. *A provider's API must support the balance data transfer feature.
  • Auto & manual modes
    You can either connect any APIs for automated order processing or manage orders manually.
  • Export orders
    You can export order data in XML, CSV, JSON formats and customize the columns you need.
  • Resend orders
    The option to resend an order is always available in case something goes wrong.
  • Cancel & refund
    You can cancel specific orders anytime and give refunds.
  • Partial quantity
    Set the partial quantity of items that remains to add to a certain order.
  • Start count
    Set the initial quantity of items to start the counting from for a specific order.
  • Status change
    Change order statuses manually whenever you need it.
  • Edit links
    Edit links in specific orders in just a few clicks.
  • Admin API
    Lets the admin of a panel automate a number of tasks.
  • Refill management
    The platform allows admins to manage their refill orders without any hassle.
  • Drip-feed management
    Change status or cancel and refund for one or multiple/all drip-feeds at once.
  • Subscription management
    Check order details & change its status for individual subscriptions or change statuses for multiple/all subscriptions at once.
User management
  • Create user accounts
    All registered users appear automatically but you can always create user accounts manually.
  • Custom rates
    Easily set up custom rates for each user.
  • Bulk custom rates reset
    Helps admins simultaneously reset custom rates for multiple users.
  • Copy rates
    Allows admins to copy rates from one user to another or from one user to multiple users at once.
  • Amount spent
    Admins can monitor how much users spend on their panels.
  • Allowed payment methods
    Set allowed payment methods for each individual user.
  • Suspend users
    Admins can suspend users on their panel in a few clicks.
  • Export users
    Export user data in XML, CSV, JSON formats and customize the columns you need.
  • Access rules
    Easily edit panel access rules: actions that users are allowed to perform.
  • Email address confirmation
    Enable mandatory email address confirmation for users after signing up.
  • Logo
    Add a logo for your panel to make it stand out.
  • Favicon
    Create a favicon to help people better recognize your panel online.
  • Add & edit pages
    Easily edit the existing panel pages and create new ones.
  • User menu modification
    Edit the user menu to provide your customers with all panel tools they could ever need.
  • Theme code editor
    Edit the code of your panel theme (HTML/CSS/JS) to make it fully customizable.
  • Theme & file reset
    You can always reset a theme or file in case something goes wrong.
  • Metadata
    Create the title tag, description and keyword meta tags for your panel.
  • URL
    Choose a reader-friendly URL to help customers remember it quicker.
  • Sitemap
    The platform automatically generates sitemaps for each panel.
  • Robots.txt
    Robots.txt files are generated automatically.
  • Google Analytics
    You can add the Google Analytics Tracking Code to your panel.
  • Blog
    Create various blog posts on your panel.
  • Payment reports
    The platform displays and calculates all user payments.
  • Order reports
    Keep up with your order data with the help of order reports.
  • Ticket reports
    Analyze ticket reports to make your panel even more responsive.
  • Profit reports
    Easily keep track of your profits in one place.
Admin options
  • Admin notifications
    Help admins keep up with user actions, latest updates, new features and more.
  • Activity log
    Gives you an exact picture of what your staff are doing - all actions are tracked.
  • Night mode
    Admins have the option to enable the night mode whenever they want.
Extra modules
  • Affiliate system
    A partner program to grow your customer base.
  • Child panel selling
    Cheap panels for your customers that can have only your panel as a service provider.
  • Free balance
    Set up a one-time free balance amount for new panel users after signing up.
  • Ticket assignment
    Allows to assign either 1 ticket to any staff account or multiple tickets to one staff account from the ticket list.
  • Content delivery network
    Reduces download times thanks to a network of proxy servers deployed at multiple locations.
  • Unlimited bandwidth
    You will never be charged based on the number of visitors or traffic to your panel.
  • DDoS protection
    Enjoy a stable and reliable SMM panel performance that is resistant to DDoS attacks.
  • Free SSL certificate
    Every panel includes a free 256-bit SSL certificate to keep your customer data confidential.
  • Domain
    You can use your own domain or purchase one with our help.
  • Regular backups
    All your data will remain safely stored even if an emergency occurs.
  • Google Analytics
    Statistics & basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes.
  • Google Tag Manager
    Manage all your website tags without editing code using simple tag management solutions.
  • Getsitecontrol
    Helps you prevent website visitors from leaving your website without taking action.
  • Beamer
    Announce updates and get feedback with an in-app notification center, widgets and changelog.
  • PushAlert
    Increase reach, revenue, re-target users with Push Notifications on desktop and mobile.
  • OneSignal
    Leader in customer engagement, powering mobile push, web push, email, in-app messages.
  • JivoChat
    An all-in-one business messenger to talk to customers: live chat, phone, email, and social.
  • Tawk.to
    Monitor & chat with the visitors on your website, mobile app or from a free customizable page.
  • Tidio
    Communicator for businesses that keeps live chat, chatbots, Messenger, e-mail in one place.
  • Zendesk Chat
    Helps quickly respond to customer inquiries, reduce wait times, and increase sales.
  • Smartsupp
    A live chat, email inbox and Facebook Messenger in one customer messaging platform.