Why choose platform-based SMM panels?

Why choose platform-based SMM panels?
Elena R.
May 20, 2020

What is the best way to organize and manage orders when it comes to providing or reselling SMM services?

A lot of people still accept orders for SMM services via Skype (and other messengers), however, an approach like that can do more harm than good.

It's inconvenient for your customers:

 Messages can get lost, especially if there are way too many of them.

 Many customers avoid using Skype/other private messaging systems, they prefer more secure methods.

 Placing orders via Skype (or private messages in general) is often considered a scam, customers look for more reliable and trustworthy ways.

It can lead to problems with orders:

 Processing and organizing orders is difficult in general.

 Urgent orders can be delayed rather frequently, which, of course, upsets customers.

 Customizing services you want to offer is more complicated than it needs to be.

It often causes more miscommunication:

 Communicating back and forth to settle the order's details can often take way too long, which can result in you losing customers and money.

 Sometimes customers can't explain which services they want exactly (especially if they are foreigners) and that can lead to problems and unsatisfactory experience for both sides.

 No organized way to solve customers' problems in case those appear.

But more importantly:

 This method leaves little room for your financial growth since it's way more difficult to advertise your services when you don't have an outlet customers could refer to.

Purchasing a highly functional SMM panel with the help of our platform can fix all those problems and even more!

You will achieve customer satisfaction:

 Your customers will enjoy using your panel since it takes just a few moments to sign up and place orders.

 It will be easy for your customers to specify all details right away when they place orders.

 There won't be any problems with urgent orders since customers can quickly decide what they want and place orders accordingly.

Managing orders will become super easy:

 All orders will be chronologically displayed in your panel, you can easily track and control all users and their activities.

 You will be able to connect as many providers as you want for automated order processing - and we don't even charge extra for it. Moreover, your panel will organize all orders for you.

 Our platform offers a great variety of features that can help you fully customize your panel's services.

No more misunderstandings between you and your customers:

 Owning an SMM panel will definitely make you a more reliable provider or reseller, thus helping you build customer trust and loyalty.

 You will be able to create and categorize services and subscriptions in a very clear way so that even foreigners could understand everything about it.

 Your panel will have a convenient support ticket system to efficiently solve all possible problems your customers might face.

And, of course, you will get:

 Amazing opportunities for the growth of your business - you will have a panel that you'll be able to advertise and build your reputation with, which is great for supporting and increasing your customer base.

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